[][src]Function nphysics3d::solver::helper::constraint_pair_geometry

pub fn constraint_pair_geometry<N: RealField, B: ?Sized + Body<N>, H: BodyHandle>(
    body1: &B,
    part1: &dyn BodyPart<N>,
    handle1: BodyPartHandle<H>,
    body2: &B,
    part2: &dyn BodyPart<N>,
    handle2: BodyPartHandle<H>,
    center1: &Point<N>,
    center2: &Point<N>,
    dir: &ForceDirection<N>,
    ground_j_id: &mut usize,
    j_id: &mut usize,
    jacobians: &mut [N],
    ext_vels1: Option<&DVectorSlice<N>>,
    ext_vels2: Option<&DVectorSlice<N>>,
    out_vel: Option<&mut N>
) -> ConstraintGeometry<N>

Fills all the jacobians (and the jacobians multiplied by the invers augmented mass matricxs) for a constraint applying a force at the points center1, center2 and the direction dir.

If the force is a torque, it is applied at the centers of mass of the body parts. Every input are expressed in world-space.