[][src]Struct nphysics2d::solver::SignoriniModel

pub struct SignoriniModel<N: RealField> { /* fields omitted */ }

A contact model generating one non-penetration constraint per contact.

This is a frictionless contact model.


impl<N: RealField> SignoriniModel<N>[src]

pub fn new() -> Self[src]

Create a new Signorini contact model.

pub fn build_velocity_constraint<B: Body<N> + ?Sized, Handle: BodyHandle, CollHandle: ColliderHandle>(
    parameters: &IntegrationParameters<N>,
    body1: &B,
    part1: &dyn BodyPart<N>,
    handle1: BodyPartHandle<Handle>,
    body2: &B,
    part2: &dyn BodyPart<N>,
    handle2: BodyPartHandle<Handle>,
    props: &LocalMaterialProperties<N>,
    manifold: &ColliderContactManifold<N, Handle, CollHandle>,
    ext_vels: &DVector<N>,
    c: &TrackedContact<N>,
    impulse: N,
    ground_j_id: &mut usize,
    j_id: &mut usize,
    jacobians: &mut [N],
    constraints: &mut ConstraintSet<N, Handle, CollHandle, ContactId>
) -> bool

Build a non-penetration velocity-based constraint for the given contact.

pub fn is_constraint_active<Handle: BodyHandle, CollHandle: ColliderHandle>(
    c: &TrackedContact<N>,
    manifold: &ColliderContactManifold<N, Handle, CollHandle>
) -> bool

Checks if the given constraint is active.

pub fn build_position_constraint<Handle: BodyHandle, CollHandle: ColliderHandle>(
    bodies: &dyn BodySet<N, Handle = Handle>,
    manifold: &ColliderContactManifold<N, Handle, CollHandle>,
    c: &TrackedContact<N>,
    constraints: &mut ConstraintSet<N, Handle, CollHandle, ContactId>

Builds non-linear position-based non-penetration constraints for the given contact manifold.

Trait Implementations

impl<N: RealField, Handle: BodyHandle, CollHandle: ColliderHandle> ContactModel<N, Handle, CollHandle> for SignoriniModel<N>[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<N> RefUnwindSafe for SignoriniModel<N> where
    N: RefUnwindSafe

impl<N> Send for SignoriniModel<N>

impl<N> Sync for SignoriniModel<N>

impl<N> Unpin for SignoriniModel<N> where
    N: Unpin

impl<N> UnwindSafe for SignoriniModel<N> where
    N: UnwindSafe

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