[][src]Struct nphysics2d::solver::UnilateralGroundConstraint

pub struct UnilateralGroundConstraint<N: RealField, Id> {
    pub impulse: N,
    pub r: N,
    pub rhs: N,
    pub impulse_id: Id,
    pub assembly_id: usize,
    pub j_id: usize,
    pub wj_id: usize,
    pub ndofs: usize,

A unilateral (inequality) constraint between a dynamic body and one without any degrees of freedom.


impulse: N

The impulse applied by the constraint.

r: N

The scaling parameter used by the SOR-prox method.

rhs: N

The target velocity change this constraint must apply.

impulse_id: Id

The index of the impulse used for its storage in an impuse cache.

assembly_id: usize

The assembly index of the dynamic body.

j_id: usize

Index of the first entry of the jacobian of the constraint affecting the dynamic body.

wj_id: usize

Index of the first entry of the constraint jacobian multiplied by the inverse mass of the dynamic body.

ndofs: usize

Number of degree of freedom of the dynamic body.


impl<N: RealField, Id> UnilateralGroundConstraint<N, Id>[src]

pub fn new(
    geom: ConstraintGeometry<N>,
    assembly_id1: usize,
    assembly_id2: usize,
    rhs: N,
    impulse: N,
    impulse_id: Id
) -> Self

Create a new unilateral ground constraint.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<N, Id> RefUnwindSafe for UnilateralGroundConstraint<N, Id> where
    Id: RefUnwindSafe,
    N: RefUnwindSafe

impl<N, Id> Send for UnilateralGroundConstraint<N, Id> where
    Id: Send

impl<N, Id> Sync for UnilateralGroundConstraint<N, Id> where
    Id: Sync

impl<N, Id> Unpin for UnilateralGroundConstraint<N, Id> where
    Id: Unpin,
    N: Unpin

impl<N, Id> UnwindSafe for UnilateralGroundConstraint<N, Id> where
    Id: UnwindSafe,
    N: UnwindSafe

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