Struct nphysics3d::joint::UniversalConstraint[][src]

pub struct UniversalConstraint<N: Real> { /* fields omitted */ }

A constraint that removes all but two relative rotations along distinct axii.


impl<N: Real> UniversalConstraint<N>

Create a new universal constraint that ensure the angle between axis1 and axis2 is always equal to angle.

All anchors and axii are expressed in the local coordinate systems of the corresponding body parts.

Trait Implementations

impl<N: Real> JointConstraint<N> for UniversalConstraint<N>

The maximum number of velocity constraints generated by this joint.

The two body parts affected by this joint.

Initialize and retrieve all the constraints appied to the bodies attached to this joint.

Called after velocity constraint resolution, allows the joint to keep a cache of impulses generated for each constraint.

Return true if the constraint is active. Read more

impl<N: Real> NonlinearConstraintGenerator<N> for UniversalConstraint<N>

Maximum of non-linear position constraint this generater needs to output.

Generate the i-th position constraint of this generator.

Auto Trait Implementations

impl<N> Send for UniversalConstraint<N> where
    N: Scalar

impl<N> Sync for UniversalConstraint<N> where
    N: Scalar